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~ Technical Support ~

--- We're here to help ---

We have multiple ways to get technical support for when your internet goes out.

1) Call the Office: 580 323 1601 Monday though Friday 8AM TO 5PM.

2)Send us a Private Message on Facebook: There are times you may need technical support after hours or on weekends. Send us a private message on our Facebook page - Omega 1 Communications and we will try to respond as soon as someone is available. (Plus we usually will post any outages or upgrades / repairs we might have or be working on. If you have a Facebook and have our services it would be a good idea for you to follow our page.) 

3)Email: Send us an email to (Not the best way to get a hold of us. Email only gets checked once to twice a week.

4)Our website - That's where these videos come in hand. 90% of the time these videos will assist in resolving your issues like speed and connectivity.


Not sure why your internet might be running slow. This video explains some the things that could be affecting your speeds. If you don't believe it's due to capacity please continue on to the next video.


Most times when you're experiencing internet issues weather it's slow speeds, connectivity, high ping times, etc... Simply rebooting your router and radio outside of your house for 10 to 30 seconds resolves most issues. This video will provide step by step instructions so that you can successfully reboot your equipment.

Be Careful Not to Hit the Reset Buttons.


Sometimes a reboot might not solve your problem. Unless we've posted an outage on our Facebook... it could mean your Internet is actually still up. It could mean the problem is your router. This video will walk you through bypassing the router to see if you have internet directly plugged into our radio. If you do have internet once you bypassed it could only mean a few things. 1) Your router went bad and you will need to get replaced and reprogrammed. 2) Your router got reset and needs to get reprogrammed. Bring it by our office and we'll reprogram it for free. 

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